Amperla Stone

Stone-coated plinth without painting

Amperla Stone is a plinth panel made of plywood and natural stone. Easy to install panels gives a finished look to your building with just one product. Amperla Stone has been created for Finland’s challenging weather conditions which is why it does not absorb moisture.

Custom-made Amperla Stone works brilliantly in various locations and uses. Amperla Stone panels are available in several different colors. The color options are red granite, black-white, light and dark gray. The stone used on the surface is a natural product whose light color differences bring life to the appearance.

  • Amperla Stone is produced on 9 mm plywood
  • Completely moisture-protected with a vegetable oil-based natural product
  • M1 -emission class
  • M1-päästöluokka
  • Covered with stone grit
  • Easy screw installation
  • No cracking or crumbling
  • Custom-made product for your needs. You can even order the product in a round shape!

Wich one should i choose; Amperla Stone or Amperla Thermo?

Amperla Stone is a product used for plinth cladding and Amperla Thermo is a product used for additional plinth insulation. The Amperla Thermo insulation board is installed with mortar and Amperla Stone is installes with screws. Amperla Stone is also suitable for areas where mortar fixing is not suitable. With Amperla Stone, you get a quick end result without drying the mortar. When you want to cover the plinth quickly without mortar and do not need extra insulation, choose Amperla Stone.

Amperla Stone is quick and easy to install

Amperla Stone is installed to the plinth with screws. You can finish the base of the screw with glue and loose grit. If you want more information about the installation, please contact us info@sokkelieriste.com.

Click below to download the product manual.

Amperla Stone is custom made to suit your needs. Leave a request for a quote below or contact info@sokkelieriste.com

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