Amperla Thermo plinth’s insulation and cladding panels are available in several colours and sizes

punagraniitti amperla thermo

Red granite

musta valko amperla thermo vaihtoehto


tumma harmaa amperla thermo

Dark grey

vaalea muokattava amperla thermo

Light (customizable shades)

Amperla Thermo – supplementary insulation for plinth

  • Amperla Thermo panels are manufactured as 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm and 90 mm thick polystyrene panels.
  • The 30 mm and 40 mm plates are immediately available in the factory stock in all grain colours and with straight edges. The delivery time is 1-2 weeks, depending on the delivery address.
  • Other plates are made to order. Panels with thickness of 300 mm and with beveled top edges and moisture transferring slots are also manufactured to order. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks for above mentioned products, counting from date of order.
  • The stone insulation plate is made from Finnish F400 Finnfoam element plate. Plate density is 38 kg/m3, compression strength 400 kPa and thermal conductivity 0.033 W/mK.
  • As fixative we use Finnish natural products which belong to the emission class M1.
  • We use Finnish stone grain.
  • The first panels were installed already in the 1980 's.
  • 20 mm Amperla Thermo can be bend for curved targets.
  • As a special service we also coat aluminum and plywood boards, according to our customer’s wishes.

Full-sized panel

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Polystyrene and natural Finnish stone (the stone is a natural product, so differences in colour shades may occur)
  • Length: 2600 mm (±10 mm)
  • Height: 300/600 mm (± 5 mm)
  • Thickness: 30/40 mm
  • Corner pieces available for all panel models
  • Available to order:
  • Thickness 20-90 mm
  • Back side with moisture transferring slots
  • Beveled top edge

Corner pieces

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