Suomen Sokkelieriste manufactures Finnish Amperla Thermo plinth insulation and cladding panels.

Good thermal insulation capability

Won’t get soggy or mouldy

Finnish product

Lightweight, easy and quick to install


Protected by a utility model

Amperla Thermo plinth’s supplementary insulation

What is Amperla Thermo plinth insulation?

Amperla Thermo plinth insulation is an element panel made of polystyrene and natural stone which is used to insulate and clad plinths.

Amperla Thermo insulation’s structure does not absorb water nor goes mouldy. The product withstands well varying Finnish weather conditions. The product is used for detached houses, terraced houses, multi-storied buildings and public buildings. The first test installations were made already in the 1980s.

In addition to cladding of plinths, Amperla Thermo is suitable for cladding of several other elements. Give building a new look with a stone coated insulation panel or use panels in different ways as shown in the picture.  Often the only limitation is your imagination when thinking of ways to use them!

Thanks to multiple colour options, as well as a customizable size, Amperla Thermo fits for all kinds of buildings.

What does a plinth’s supplementary insulation plate look like?

Riina Tolvanen


If you have any questions regarding sales of Amperla Thermo, please contact Tel. 0400 318 131

Jarno Tahvanainen

Installation Services

If you have any questions regarding installation of Amperla Thermo, please contact Tel. 0500 719 072

How do I install plinth’s insulation and cladding panels?

What is Suomen Sokkelieriste Oy?

Suomen Sokkelieriste Oy manufactures and sells Amperla Thermo supplementary insulation panels for plinth. Amperla Thermo products are available in hardware stores throughout the country. Please contact us by phone or via the contact page.

Suomen Sokkelieriste Oy originates from Joensuu and it manufactures Amperla Thermo supplementary insulation panels for plinth. Our selection includes several colour options. (for details, see the products tab->technical specifications).

We will be happy to help you with any problems and questions related to supplementary insulation of plinths. You can contact us by telephone, by e-mail or by visiting a hardware store that retails Amperla Thermo.


Tel. 0400 318 131, Riina Tolvanen

Suomen Sokkelieriste Oy

Huoltotie 7, 80790 Kontioranta

Riina Tolvanen
tel. 0400 318131

Jarno Tahvanainen
tel. 0500 719072

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