Installing an insulation and cladding plate is simple and easy

How do I install plinth insulation

Plinth’s supplementary insulation improves your property’s appearance and protects the plinth from cracks and deterioration caused by thermal fluctuation. Finnish Sokkelieriste Oy provides instructions and services for installing plinth insulations. Installation instructions will tell you what needs to be done before the installation and how to install a supplementary insulation. You can download the installation instructions as a pdf file by clicking the button below or read them at the bottom of the page. You can also hire our very own installer to take care of the installation of plinth insulations. Our installer Jarno Tahvanainen has years of experience in building trade and he will install plinth’s supplementary insulations effortlessly.  Please contact us to discuss the details of your order, so that we can find a mutually satisfying solution.

We will help you with the installation

Installation service

Plinth insulation installations are carried out on a solid, professional manner according to your wishes. Please contact us to discuss the matter further!


You can also contact us in case of installation related problems. I will be happy to respond to all the questions that trouble you.

Amperla Thermo installation instructions

Installation instructions in PDF format

Installation instructions can be printed as a PDF-file. Click the heading to download.

Before the installation

Before the installation the panels should be stored away from rain and moisture. Remove soil from the root of the plinth up to the frost insulation. Mechanically remove loose dirt and large irregularities from the plinth. The panel is attached to the plinth with attachment or renovation plaster. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on mixing, soaking period and operating temperature of the plaster. Depending on the roughness of the plinth, one 15-20 kg bag of plaster will suffice for 3-5 plates. Plaster is spread with a toothed spatula from the bottom upwards. This way, any possible moisture in the plinth can flow down the "plaster tracks" to the ground.


Start installing panels to the outer corner and then continue installation with full-sized panels. Shape panels with a circular saw, a hand saw or a carpet knife, if necessary. If the plinth is uneven, you can straighten it by shaping the Amperla Thermo insulation panel. Install panels tightly to the butt joint (make sure that plaster does not dribble into the seams). You can leave a 0.5 – 1.5 cm gap between the panels, which is then filled in after the installation with adhesive sealant approx. 0.5 cm away from the surface of the panel. Press filling sand into the wet adhesive sealant so that the seam will not be visible. Support the panels against the plinth while the plaster dries.

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