Amperla Thermo

Enhance your plinth in just one day with popular, durable, and domestically produced Amperla Thermo plinth insulation and cladding panels.

Stylish cladding and efficient additional insulation in one product

Amperla Thermo is a popular domestic panel for insulating and cladding plinths. By choosing Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding panels, you contribute to the well-being of your home. These panels protect and add insulation to deteriorating plinths while simultaneously improving the property’s appearance. One product, multiple benefits!

Increase property value with plinth insulation

Boost your property’s value quickly and effortlessly with the popular plinth insulation. Amperla Thermo panels shield your plinth from deterioration, enhance your home’s energy efficiency, and provide an elegant and durable surface for your plinth.

Stylish and protective

Amperla Thermo enhances your property value. The stylish cladding panel protects your plinth from deterioration.

Energy-efficient additional insulation

Excellent thermal insulation improves your home's energy efficiency and prevents heat loss, even in older plinths.


Made from Finnfoam composite panels, polystyrene, and natural stone, the insulation does not deteriorate or absorb moisture.

Easy to install

Amperla Thermo full-length and lightweight panels are easy to install independently in just one day. No special expertise required!

Insulation that also you can install

Installing Amperla Thermo doesn’t require a professional installer; you can easily install the panels yourself. The lightweight and easily workable panels fit seamlessly into, for example, the plinth next to a staircase. You can find all the products needed for installation in our online store with home delivery.

Order test pieces

When you want to explore Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding panels more closely, you can order sample pieces before ordering the full-length panels. Sample pieces can be ordered for 7.95 € per sample. The sample will be delivered to the nearest Posti office.

Have any questions?

We want to make purchasing Amperla Thermo panels as easy as possible for you. The Frequently Asked Questions section contains commonly asked questions and answers. Explore the section to know where to start when ordering and installing the panels.