Amperla Thermo

Coating a plinth has never been easier. Reduce energy waste, increase the value of the property and protect the plinth with the domestic Amperla Thermo plinth cladding and insulation board.

Effective additional insulation

Amperla Thermo is a popular domestic element board for thermal insulation and cladding of plinths. With Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding boards, you are doing your home a favor. One product, many good features!

Jari Palviainen
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"The product's manageability is excellent. Working with the product, you can tell that it's an extremely lightweight solution compared to, for example, stone panels, which yield a similar finished surface. The corner pieces of the product are also special compared to others, providing a very neat and insulating result."
Juhani Jussila
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"The installation of the panels went really quickly."
Pentti Ulpa
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"As a designer, developer, and construction supervisor, I need to consider the most suitable solution for each project. Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding panels stand out for their good thermal insulation and ready surface. I have planned the use of the product in several projects over the years, and in all cases, the product has stayed in place well, and the stone coating is in impeccable condition."
Jari Palviainen
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"I discovered Amperla Thermo online and was immediately interested – it had everything I had in mind, stone cladding and insulation. I see the product as a suitable solution for adding insulation and improving the appearance of older houses. I am very satisfied with the end result."

Stylish and protective

Amperla Thermo enhances the value of your property. The stylish cladding panel protects the plinth from deterioration.


Excellent thermal insulation improves your home's energy efficiency and prevents heat loss, even in older plinths.


Insulation made from Finnfoam element panels, polystyrene, and natural stone does not deteriorate and does not absorb moisture.


Amperla Thermo's full-length and lightweight panels are easy to install independently in just one day. No special skills required!

Technical information

Easy to install without prior experience

Measure and order

Start ordering Amperla Thermo by measuring the height of the plinth. After that, order the boards, corner pieces and glue/mortar that suit you from the sokkelieriste.com online store.


Full-length boards are delivered directly to your yard. Protect the discs until installation. As preliminary preparations, dig the plinth bare up to the frost insulation and remove the dirt from its surface.

Install the boards

You can install the boards with mortar or foam glue. Apply mortar or foam adhesive to the surface of the insulation board and press the board into the plinth. Install the corner pieces first, then the full-length boards.

Finish and enjoy

The boards are supported on the plinth while the mortar dries. Finally, the seams of the boards are finished with glue and stone grit. You get stone grit at the end of the store when you order the records!


Do you want to learn more about installing discs before ordering? Check out the installation online and see how easy it is!

Before-after pictures

Buy online

Amperla Thermo is a wise investment in real estate. You can find all the products needed for installation in our online store with home delivery. Start ordering!

Utility model patented

The product is utility model registered. A utility model, like a patent, is the exclusive right to use an invention.

100% Finnish

We manufacture Amperla Thermo plinth insulation from domestic raw materials at the Joensuu factory.

Made to last

Insulation made of Finnfoam element board, polystyrene and natural stone is designed for Finnish weather conditions. It does not absorb moisture.

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation improves the energy efficiency of your home and prevents heat from escaping.

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