Amperla Thermo corner pieces

57,90 117,60  (sis. alv 24%)


Installing Amperla Thermo has been made extremely easy. In addition to the plates, order the finished corner pieces and you will get a neat end result without extra effort. The corner pieces are available in the same size and color options as the boards.

Length 2600 mm (±10 mm)
Height 300 / 600 mm (±5 mm)
Thickness 20-90 mm
Density 38 kg/m3
Compressive strength 400 kpa.
Thermal conductivity 0,033 W / mK.


Stylish upholstery and effective additional insulation with one product

Amperla Thermo is a popular domestic element board for thermal insulation and cladding of plinths. With Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding boards, you are doing your home a favor. The boards protect and additionally insulate the decaying plinth and at the same time improve the property’s appearance. One product, many good features!

Order sample pieces

When you want to get to know Amperla Thermo’s insulation and cladding board in more detail, you can order a sample piece before ordering long boards. You can order samples for just the price of postage.