How to install?

Coating a plinth has never been easier. Familiarize yourself with the installation instructions and install additional insulation and cladding boards in just one day without any previous experience.

Two easy installation methods

With Amperla Thermo insulation and cladding board, you can add value to your home easily and quickly. Choose the installation method that suits you!

This is how you install Amperla Thermo plinth panels!

Before installing

With Mortar

With PU-foam glue

Start the order by measuring the plinth

Measure & buy online

Start ordering Amperla Thermo by measuring the height of the plinth. After that, order the boards, corner pieces and glue/mortar that suit you from the sokkelieriste.com online store.

Order arrives

Full-length boards are delivered directly to your yard. Protect the discs until installation. As preliminary preparations, dig the plinth bare up to the frost insulation and remove the dirt from its surface.


You can install the boards with mortar or foam glue. Apply mortar or foam adhesive to the surface of the insulation board and press the board into the plinth. Install the corner pieces first, then the full-length boards.


The boards are supported on the plinth while the mortar dries. Finally, the seams of the boards are finished with glue and stone grit. You get stone grit at the end of the store when you order the records!

Buy online

Amperla Thermo is a wise investment in real estate. You can find all the products needed for installation in our online store with home delivery. Start ordering!